Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photoshop Fabulous

Today I ran across some before and after pictures of The Candy for Kohl’s ad with Britney Spears. Before I show the pictures I want to explain why I decided to blog about them.

The fashion industry, to me, is this beautiful unexplored terrain, and although it looks amazing, I know it has flaws. The specific flaw I'm referring to is the idea that all women must be shaped like a stick. Not all women are a natural double zero and I believe as long as you do your best to live healthy and active your body is fine. In college (and high school) many girls have body image problems. One student at UCLA even swore of mirrors for a year to fix her body image before her wedding. If you want to read the UCLA students story click here:
 So to sum up my rabbit trail, even models and celebrities do not look perfect and wake up every day with a natural glow about them. Here’s proof:

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