Monday, November 28, 2011

Yearbook Photos

I am writing a PSA today, help save yourself from embarrassment.

So if you want to look like this in your photo:

And not this:

Then I have some pointers for you.

  •  Stay away from trends (When you look back at your photos in 20 years do you want to remember the bump it, or a classy younger you?)
  • Keep it simple overall, and preppy is always better. Preppy looks look educated, and collared button downs seem to always be in style.
  • No jewelry. Maybe only a simple necklace, maybe.
  • Smile, like a real smile, like a Tyra Banks look-at-me smile.
  • No trendy make-up. Keep it very simple and natural.

Winter Basics

Everyone should have some basic clothes for winter and as a college student I am sure you want some easy to throw on style clothes since winter = finals. So I recomend the following:

 Matching PINK sweat pants. For when you are so brain dead from studying you cannot even think about matching an outfit. (Top-$44.50 Bottom-$46.50)
                                    UGG boots. The cmfiest and warmest boots around ($179.99)
Invest in longsleev shirts. I prefer to have them in black, white, and gray ( I found these at Target for $12.00 each)

I love a good red flannel and in my oinion, Eddie Bauer and American Eagle seem to have the best selections. This year American Eagles selection is lacking as the shirts seem thinner and not as warm. ( This is an ae flannel for ($39.50)

I hope this list helped! And today is Cyber Monday.... this means everything is on sale online! So if you were wanting to purchase these winter basics and more, go look online for the stores sale!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blogging Icon

There is one particular blogger who inspired me to create my fashion blog. In fact, she actually lives in the part of North Texas I come from. Google her: and her Mother also has a blog entitled I promise it is worth your time. Here are some pictures of the pair:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Inspired by today, a snow day
Okay so it's not exactly a winter wonderland in Texas right now but it's getting chilly, and to us southern folk that means it's down right cold. So here are a few wish list items for this chilly weather. I adore the quirky gloves!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I wrote about my halloween costume ideas straight from the closet and at the end of the post is a picture of me in the outfit. Now I hate to be that girl that takes pictures in her mirror, but I was hosting the party in my residence hall and completely forgot to take pictures untill I was back in my dorm room. So I apologize for being that girl.
Also, I have pictures of my DIY project for a hippe flower head band. It cost $3 to make and is incredibly easy to put together.
I hope your halloween was wonderful!