Monday, November 28, 2011

Yearbook Photos

I am writing a PSA today, help save yourself from embarrassment.

So if you want to look like this in your photo:

And not this:

Then I have some pointers for you.

  •  Stay away from trends (When you look back at your photos in 20 years do you want to remember the bump it, or a classy younger you?)
  • Keep it simple overall, and preppy is always better. Preppy looks look educated, and collared button downs seem to always be in style.
  • No jewelry. Maybe only a simple necklace, maybe.
  • Smile, like a real smile, like a Tyra Banks look-at-me smile.
  • No trendy make-up. Keep it very simple and natural.

Winter Basics

Everyone should have some basic clothes for winter and as a college student I am sure you want some easy to throw on style clothes since winter = finals. So I recomend the following:

 Matching PINK sweat pants. For when you are so brain dead from studying you cannot even think about matching an outfit. (Top-$44.50 Bottom-$46.50)
                                    UGG boots. The cmfiest and warmest boots around ($179.99)
Invest in longsleev shirts. I prefer to have them in black, white, and gray ( I found these at Target for $12.00 each)

I love a good red flannel and in my oinion, Eddie Bauer and American Eagle seem to have the best selections. This year American Eagles selection is lacking as the shirts seem thinner and not as warm. ( This is an ae flannel for ($39.50)

I hope this list helped! And today is Cyber Monday.... this means everything is on sale online! So if you were wanting to purchase these winter basics and more, go look online for the stores sale!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blogging Icon

There is one particular blogger who inspired me to create my fashion blog. In fact, she actually lives in the part of North Texas I come from. Google her: and her Mother also has a blog entitled I promise it is worth your time. Here are some pictures of the pair:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Inspired by today, a snow day
Okay so it's not exactly a winter wonderland in Texas right now but it's getting chilly, and to us southern folk that means it's down right cold. So here are a few wish list items for this chilly weather. I adore the quirky gloves!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I wrote about my halloween costume ideas straight from the closet and at the end of the post is a picture of me in the outfit. Now I hate to be that girl that takes pictures in her mirror, but I was hosting the party in my residence hall and completely forgot to take pictures untill I was back in my dorm room. So I apologize for being that girl.
Also, I have pictures of my DIY project for a hippe flower head band. It cost $3 to make and is incredibly easy to put together.
I hope your halloween was wonderful!

Monday, October 24, 2011


This is what I have been day dreaming about. Go to the British based site.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

From your closet Halloween ideas

In college just about everyone is broke. So for Halloween you may not have the money to buy a costume. The solution? Get creative in your closet.

Halloween is on a Monday this year and everybody is dressing up for class and I have an in dorm Halloween party I co-organized. So I ran to my closet and found some brown wedges, bell bottom pants, a flow-y white top, leather vest and now I am a hippie. I did make a flower headband, but materials only cost me three dollars from Wal-Mart.

Some other ideas I could have used:

Cowgirl- if you’re from the south chances are you can pull this one of no problem.
80's girl- all you need is an off the shoulder sweater, tights, and hairspray.
Athlete- if you play a sport put on your uniform and your set.
Sailor- A striped shirt and some Sperry’s would do.
I have a friend from back home that used a clock from her house and some string to make the flava flav clock chain and she was ready for Halloween.
If you don't get this costume you were robbed of a great childhood. I don't know were I would be without the family tradition of watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"

P.S. I plan to have pictures of my costume up soon for all to enjoy!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photoshop Fabulous

Today I ran across some before and after pictures of The Candy for Kohl’s ad with Britney Spears. Before I show the pictures I want to explain why I decided to blog about them.

The fashion industry, to me, is this beautiful unexplored terrain, and although it looks amazing, I know it has flaws. The specific flaw I'm referring to is the idea that all women must be shaped like a stick. Not all women are a natural double zero and I believe as long as you do your best to live healthy and active your body is fine. In college (and high school) many girls have body image problems. One student at UCLA even swore of mirrors for a year to fix her body image before her wedding. If you want to read the UCLA students story click here:
 So to sum up my rabbit trail, even models and celebrities do not look perfect and wake up every day with a natural glow about them. Here’s proof:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

College beauty tips

If you are in college chances are you are like me, always on the run. With less time to primp I have picked up some beauty tips that help me look my best. For all the college beauties out their here are my little tips to help you out:
  • Don't wash your hair every day. I know it sounds gross but it’s healthier for your hair if it's washed once about every three days (my hair dresser tells me it has something to do with the hairs natural oils). P.s. I am not recommending you stop showering ... please keep doing that.
  • Use dry shampoo when on the run. If you feel your hair is too oily to skip a shampooing then use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is sold in ULTA and other beauty stores; all you do is apply the powder to your scalp and presto! It's great if you need to wash your hair but don't have time to hop in the shower!
  • Wear an eye mask when you sleep. If you live in a dorm there is always a light on somewhere, whether it be from your hall or a lamp post outside, it's there. All this light keeps you from reaching deep sleep during your REM cycle (you learn about the REM cycle in psychology); and a poor REM cycle means poor sleep which means dark circles under your eyes. So make sure you look and feel great, go get yourself an eye mask!
  • Buy two of everything. Before college I did my rounds at ULTA, Sephora, and target grabbing two of all ,y favorite beauty products. It's best to do this,so when you run out of something or lose something you have an extra and don't have to take that hour drive to the closest Sephora if you go to a small private college in middle-of-no-where Texas like muah. And you will be glad you bought two of everything when you let someone on you floor borrow your favorite eyeliner pencil and then never get it back.
  • Minimal is ok. I admit for some reason I'm just about always late to my first Tuesday/Thursday class so I only put on foundation and mascara. It's either that or explain to my teacher that eyeliner, eyeshadow, and bronzer are more important that anything she could teach me.
  • Expirement with your look is also ok. You are in college, it's basically an excuse to look crazy. It's your chance to wear blue lipstick like Ke$ha, cat eyes like Amy Whinehouse, or just anything obscene like Lady Gaga. So next time you decide to venture out of your dorm room and have some extra primping time, try a new look; I know clumpy mascara is the new trend in the high fashion world.

Do your makeup like this today and tomorrow you can tell your kids, with a smile, "it was just a phase...". After all that's exactly what our parents did.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

60's inspired

I love were I go to school. The University of Mary Hardin Baylor has a GORGEUS campus were I get to tromp across lush green lawns and sit under a centuries old trees  pretending  to study the book I have in my lap. The campus is also very historical and with the combination of history and natural beauty I feel like I could be in the 60’s were colleges were full of young people with great new ideas and full of excitement for the future. I want to travel back to the 60's were I would wear loose cotton dresses with wedges and lots of bracelets while I explain to a circle of friends that all the world needs is peace, love and Rock and Roll. Then I would go to classes and learn about how “The Man” is trying to hold me back from my goals.

Unfortunately it's not exactly like that; it's just a wonderful day dream of mine. But many designers are bringing 60's infused looks down the runway, so below is a great song from the 60's and a combination of some new 60’s inspired every day were clothes that are college friendly. (Who doesn’t love a cute and comfy maxi dress?)

"Revolution" by the Beatles

60's inspired
"And maybe it's the time of year. Yes, and maybe it's the time of man. And I don't know who I am. But life is for learning."

-Joni Mitchell/CS&N (Woodstock)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meet the Author

My name is Jessica Hardin and I have no clue where I will be in five years. I am a freshman at a small private college in Texas entitled UMHB and I am double majoring in international business and marketing. I do aspire to be a Marketing Director for a major fashion house one day but I understand that these plans may change. My love of fashion, on the other hand, is unwavering and it will remain a constant in my crazy world. So I thought I would provide a picture or two of myself in my VERY FIRST POST EVER and also a little background about myself at the end.

 I have friends with great cameras and we enjoy going to all kinds of places for little "photo shoots" I recommend it to anyone that has clothes and a camera.

 This is my brother and I this past summer. Even though he hates smiling, and has no style, I love that kid.

My favorite song as of today:
"Back down South" by Kings of Leon