Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Basics

Everyone should have some basic clothes for winter and as a college student I am sure you want some easy to throw on style clothes since winter = finals. So I recomend the following:

 Matching PINK sweat pants. For when you are so brain dead from studying you cannot even think about matching an outfit. (Top-$44.50 Bottom-$46.50)
                                    UGG boots. The cmfiest and warmest boots around ($179.99)
Invest in longsleev shirts. I prefer to have them in black, white, and gray ( I found these at Target for $12.00 each)

I love a good red flannel and in my oinion, Eddie Bauer and American Eagle seem to have the best selections. This year American Eagles selection is lacking as the shirts seem thinner and not as warm. ( This is an ae flannel for ($39.50)

I hope this list helped! And today is Cyber Monday.... this means everything is on sale online! So if you were wanting to purchase these winter basics and more, go look online for the stores sale!!

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